–WORDS OF THE WEEK– Kosen-rufu is a battle for truth and justice waged with words. It takes undaunted courage and conviction that strikes a chord in others’ hearts. Let’s cheerfully…

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To My Friends

I express my appreciation
to the men’s and women’s
chapter leaders for their
noble struggles.
Every one of you is a pillar of
kosen-rufu in the community.
Strengthen your bond with
each person around you and
chronicle a history of
dynamic progress together!

To My Friends

Don’t grow conceited when
things go smoothly
or be disheartened by adversity.
Continue to maintain faith!
When our practice is like flowing water,
indestructible flowers
of happiness will bloom!

To My Friends

“Illness gives rise to the
resolve to attain the way.”(*)
Times of difficulties are the
best opportunities to
change one’s karma.
Let’s absolutely defeat and
prevail over the “devil”
of sickness!

(*)”The Good Medicine for All Ills,” WND I,  p. 937

To My Friends

Let’s wholeheartedly treasure
each person.
Therein lies Soka’s philosophy
infused with deep insight into
human nature and life.
Lke Bodhisattva Never Disparaging,
let’s go to the forefront and
engage in dialogue brimming with
conviction, courageously and tenaciously!

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