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Resolve to be the Sun

Resolve to be the sun. This is the first thing you must do. As long as you are the sun, no matter what problems you may be facing now, the…

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Where is the Happiest Place on Earth? Buddha Beat Orlando

We talk to people in Orlando to find out, where is the happiest place on earth? The Buddha Beat is a web series produced by SGI-USA that asks everyday people…

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The Spirit to Serve Others by Brandon Nicholson

Growing up, Oakland Children’s Hospital was my second home. As a baby, I experienced the first of 22 ear infections, which required multiple surgeries. At age 2, I developed seizures after my mom and I…

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To My Friends

It is a time of extreme
fluctuations in temperature.
Let’s make a habit of gargling
and washing our hands regularly,
as well as eating in moderation
and getting good sleep.
Health is achieved through effort.

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SGI-USA Presents:“Buddhist in America”

Naima Mora tells of how winning the hit TV show America’s Next Top Model brought on a dark period in her life. She shares how she used her Buddhist practice to recognize the beauty within her life and overcome this difficult period.

This series follow members of the Buddhist organization, SGI-USA, as they share their real life stories of practicing Buddhism in America.

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